More languages – one result

All the people you will meet at Dantax are bilingual. We speak German with the authorities and our local contacts. And we speak Danish and/or English with you and your contacts. This makes the dialogue so much easier for you, just as it ensures that important aspects and details are not lost in the process.

At Dantax, you will be advised by bilingual specialists who have excellent knowledge of German legislation, are well acquainted with Danish legislation and are happy to work alongside your home country tax adviser. We are not just tax advisers in Germany, we also have experience in the international aspects of tax, VAT and other business issues. Several of our tax advisers have completed a specific training course in international tax law, including aspects such as transfer pricing and global mobility. They are specialists who are able to give you cross-border advice, who understand how to best utilise the interplay between the Danish/Scandinavian and German legislation to your benefit – and who always stay fully up to date.

RESULT: At Dantax, you will receive excellent German cross-border tax advice– also in Danish or English.