Digital frontrunner

Compared to Denmark/Scandinavia, Germany lags a little behind in terms of IT maturity within certain areas, but, at Dantax, we are part of the new ”Digitales Deutschland”. We are already digital tax advisers – Steuerberater – just as you are accustomed to with your Danish/Scandinavian tax adviser.

We , of course,  use online communication with the German tax authorities, but we also see completely eye to eye with our clients when it comes to digital contact and digital workflows.

Your data is in safe hands at Dantax – and at our webcentre you will always have direct access to your current, updated data. You do not need to acquire new accounting software, as we can process your accounting data from all commonly used Danish accounting software programs.

You can get in touch with your consultant instantly and conveniently – and get the advice you need in German, Danish and English.