VAT in Germany

A Danish or another Scandinavian company that sets up operations or expands its sales in Germany has new opportunities regarding VAT – but also new challenges. For instance, the EU regulations on remote sales, online trading and e-commerce are playing a greater role.

Differential VAT rates are also important to many of our customers. Since its formation in 1986 Dantax has constantly monitored VAT developments. A minor change on one side of the border can have important repercussions on sales on the other side.

The new EU one-stop-shop VAT regulations makes VAT registration and reporting easier. But advice on VAT matters is becoming even more important – for instance with regard to questions such as: Can I still register for VAT in Germany? – Are there any benefits in having a VAT warehouse? – In which country is VAT charged? – Which is the correct VAT rate?

The general VAT rate in Germany is 19%, except for VAT on foods, books and magazines, for which the rate is 7%. Maintaining an overview of the VAT regulations and always keeping up to date is a challenge in itself. It can become even more complicated where cross-border Danish/Scandinavian-German VAT regulations are involved. VAT rules are not identical in Germany compared to Denmark or other Scandinavian countries – in fact there are some significant differences between the regimes.

Many people only focus on the actual registration and reporting of VAT in Germany is very important, but Dantax provides far more than that.



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    • VAT liability in connection with company cars