Taxation in Germany (individuals and companies)

Like all tax advisers, Dantax prepares annual financial statements and tax accounts and files tax returns. Our strength is our expertise in the cross-border tax and financial aspects between Denmark/other Scandinavian countries and Germany. We perform tax calculations, the results of which can be incorporated directly in your national and international tax planning. We also give advice on how to optimise the taxation of individuals and companies.

The tax regime may be of crucial importance for an investment in Germany, and here, Dantax acts as your experienced partner in Germany. As German tax advisers, we understand the differences and know the options for a perfect Danish/Scandinavian-German set-up. We will work alongside your home country tax adviser to find the best option for your particular investment. For instance, the rates of personal income tax in Germany are generally lower than in i.e. Denmark. It is the other way around with regard to the taxation of companies in Germany, which may also be more complicated than in Denmark and elsewhere, as the German municipal trade tax – Gewerbesteuer – plays a role.

Dantax specialises in advising Danish and Scandinavian companies and private individuals in Germany. We speak your language and are familiar with the legal differences relevant to Danish and Scandinavian companies with activities in Germany. We know the conditions south of the border and are able to optimise the set-up taking the Danish/Scandinavian circumstances of your company into account.

Choosing us as your experienced adviser will enable you to optimise your exports to Germany.

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Dantax assists Scandinavian businesses with exports and investment in Germany


  • E-commerce and commerce
  • German VAT registration
  • Different VAT rates 7% / 19%


  • VAT returns
  • VAT liability
  • Reverse charge

An employee in Germany

  • Payroll accounting
  • German employment contracts
  • Social security in Germany
  • Reporting
  • Company car


  • Branch or subsidiary
  • German permanent establishment and taxes
  • Salary and social security
  • An employee in Germany
  • VAT

Tax and accounting

  • Danish-German tax
  • Double taxation
  • Credit or exemption
  • German trade tax (Gewerbesteuer)
  • Corporation tax


  • Balance sheets
  • Annual financial statements
  • Cash accounts
  • Income statements
  • Operation accounts


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