Succession planning

Are you about to hand over your company – or your German place of business – to the next generation? Or do you own equity shares in Germany? In either case, Dantax is your ideal adviser. We have many years of experience in advising Danish and other Scandinavian businesses in Germany.

Please be aware that things can take quite some time in Germany – and require careful preparation. A particular minor step may have to be taken before another and more important one can be taken. There may be essential formalities that need to be completed before the most important steps can be taken. Such formalities may require the involvement of a notary before a transfer can take place.

Planning and predictability constitute one important element of a change of generations, while minimisation of taxes and fees is another. If the tax regulations of two countries are involved, this could become very complicated. The advice provided by Dantax also covers a number of other aspects, such as the distribution between the heirs and safeguarding the future of the investment – always in accordance with your objectives.

Inheritance, gifts and the legal framework all play important roles in a change of generations., Please therefore contact us. We will gladly advise you in this regard in co-operation with your home country tax adviser or lawyer.





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