International tax conditions (Double taxation, transfer pricing)

With an annual inter-state trade volume of approx. DKK 155bn, Germany is Denmark’s largest and most important export market (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 2020). As soon as a company or an individual crosses the border and receives income from another country, the international tax conditions come into play.

Dantax has been working with Danish-German tax conditions since 1986, but also with other Scandinavian conditions. Nearly all our auditors have taken a demanding, specialised supplementary education on international tax conditions (Fachberater für internationales Steuerrecht). We have the expertise and help Danish and Scandinavian companies and individuals with their foreign tax affairs on a daily basis – to us, the special is the normal. Get in touch with us in matters of double taxation.

Also within matters of transfer pricing, Dantax is a leader in the field. We provide advice on the German system when your company needs to assess how to properly calculate payments and fees to your subsidiary.

Dantax’ free online commentary on the double taxation agreement is the only publicly available document of its kind.

You can find the entire commented DOUBLE TAXATION AGREEMENT here.


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