Production – set-up, operation, and exit

Is your company considering starting up production in Germany? And does your company belong in one of the typical Danish export sectors such as metals, synthetics, foods, pharmaceutical products, software, or the automotive industry? Dantax will bring you safely past the goalpost.

We are experts of the special conditions and challenges you will face when you wish to set up and operate production activities in Germany. This typically concerns VAT, tax, and reporting, but quite often you will also encounter other challenges south of the border. Dantax will gladly tackle these for you as well.

As a production company you need, among other things, to deal with other terms of employment than in Denmark. You should also expect that e.g. the production chain and the co-operation with suppliers may not be exactly like at home.

However, you should not let these challenges hold you back. Dantax’ employees have years of experience handling similar tasks for other Danish production companies. We ensure a trouble-free set-up phase and a daily operations phase where we handle all the challenges so you can feel at ease.


Dantax is available also when you are planning your exit from Germany. In terms of formalities, it may require more steps to end your engagement in Germany. We will advise you on e.g. deregistration, reporting, etc., concerning the closure of your activities in Germany.

Marked differences between Danish and German employment conditions

A Danish company without branch offices or subsidiaries in Germany may employ a German employee who lives and works in Germany. 

This employment is governed by German employment and labour laws, and for that part of the work which takes place in Germany, the employer must report and pay German tax and social security contributions.

However, several factors play into this, and to avoid the pitfalls, it is well worth the effort to seek advance guidance from Dantax.

We have the experience, and we speak your language.