Building and construction

Dantax has been a consultant to the Danish construction industry in Germany for several years. We assist a wide portfolio of Danish suppliers and main contractors on construction and building projects in Germany.

Whether you are in doubt about VAT, tax, Bauabzugsteuer or registration processes – we will give you valuable advice. Both when it comes to qualified VAT and tax consultancy and more routine jobs like payroll management and accounting.

In our payroll management department, Dantax has specialised skills within German building industry wages, an area which usually constitutes a considerable challenge.

Facts on German wages and salaries

A Danish company without branch offices or subsidiaries in Germany may employ a German employee who lives and works in Germany. This employment is governed by German employment and labour laws, and for that part of the work which takes place in Germany, the employer must report and pay German tax and social security contributions.

However, several factors play into this, and to avoid the pitfalls, it is well worth the effort to seek advance guidance from Dantax.

We have the experience, and we speak your language.

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