Advice based on industry expertise

At Dantax we work across several industries and  are nevertheless specialists in most of these – not least in the exporting industries. IT, automation and digitalisation are all part of our daily work – including across the Danish/Scandinavian-German border.

Dantax is the obvious choice for small and medium-sized enterprises, private individuals and contractors looking for a competent and  professional tax adviser and consultant in Germany. We speak both languages, and via our network, we know all the relevant organisations in Denmark and Scandinavia.

If you want to take your company to Germany, Dantax is your ideal contact partner.

The largest industries in Germany

German trade and industry are dominated by the SME sector, but its structure is not the same as in Denmark.
An enterprise classified as an SME in Germany can easily be a company with 400-500 employees that supplies a niche product. Germany has several global players within the food, pharmaceuticals, IT, high tech and entertainment sectors.

The automotive and metalworks industries have strong supply chains extending right to the centre of Danish trade and industry.
The wind turbine industry and the related modern technology businesses within the area of innovative technologies play a significant part.

The Danish construction industry is known for its quality. Several German trading and textile companies have operations all over Germany.

Danish companies enjoy a strong position, often as suppliers to companies throughout Germany.


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