VAT in Germany

If your company is about to set up or expand activities in Germany, you should be aware that there are many differences between the German and Danish/Scandinavian rules on, for example, taxes and VAT. Dantax will gladly take on this task, so that you are kept up to date regarding these rules. Whether you are selling directly from Denmark/Scandinavia or via a German VAT warehouse, or whether you have a German company we understand the challenges and will help you comply with the reporting requirements and deadlines.

There are many small but critical differences between the Danish/Scandinavian and German VAT rules. For instance, in Germany, the VAT rates are significantly lower than in Denmark. 19% is the standard rate, while 7% is the reduced rate.

Documentation requirements for VAT items are very comprehensive in Germany. Dantax has the experience and expertise required to advise you on the aspects of VAT issues relevant to your company in Germany. We will help you find the best solution, particularly if goods or services are delivered across the border.

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Dantax assists you with:

  • VAT registration
  • VAT reporting in Germany
  • Annual VAT returns
  • VAT refund 
  • VAT liability in connection with company cars


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