Wages, salaries and social security

Do you want to hire new employees in your German company or are you planning to work in Germany yourself? We can tell you who will need to pay income tax in Germany as well as how to calculate the tax on your company car.

Unlike the situation in Denmark, most of the German social security system is funded via statutory public insurance, such as health insurance. But not everyone working in Germany is covered by this system. We will advise you and find the best solution for your needs.

Monthly payroll accounting in Germany requires specialists with special training. We have such people at Dantax. We can handle payroll accounting for different types of companies – ranging from small companies with just a few employees to the largest businesses with hundreds of employees. We specialise in delivering the associated documentation in both German and Danish, and of course in electronic form if you so prefer. For clients who have chosen English as their corporate language, we can of course provide statements in English as well – in accordance with the German rules.

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We support you in the following areas:

  • Payroll accounting in Danish, German, and English
  • Optimisation of social insurance obligations
  • Employment of staff
  • Company cars
  • Wages in the construction industry in Germany (Baulohn)

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