Company cars in Germany

Dantax is your specialist sounding board when it comes to the rules regulation on company cars in Germany. Of course, your sales drive in Germany or your German subsidiary must be fitted with the right wheels, preferably without hassle and too much paperwork. So, we take care of both the VAT, taxes and legal requirements for your employee, so he or she can focus on doing their job.

We calculate the corporate expenses – whether you opt for company car taxation under the 1% rule or reimbursement of €0.30 per kilometre. Whether you prefer renting, pooling or leasing – and whether your starting point is in Denmark or Germany – you can always rely on our many years of experience and expertise when you need to make your choice.

If you focus on sustainability and green conversion, we also have ample experience with the tax and VAT rules on company-provided bicycles/electric bicycles and eligibility for subsidies for electric and hybrid vehicles.

With Dantax you will get:

  • Monthly settlement
  • Reporting of VAT (if relevant)
  • Reporting of social security contribution
Skattekonsulent, internationale skatteforhold
+49 461 700 35 12
Lars Eriksen
Skattekonsulent, internationale skatteforhold
+49 461 700 35 12


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