Dantax works online and with fully digital processes – just like your Danish/Scandinavian auditor. Old-fashioned bookkeeping with shelves full of binders is a thing of the past.

We handle the accounting and reporting in Germany and this way prepare the annual tax return and the annual financial statements. We employ all the accounting software commonly used in Denmark/Scandinavia and can load your files via our interface.

We will convert those elements in your system which must be adapted to the German system, leaving you free to spend your time on your business. This saves you time and accounting costs and gives you assurance that the German regulations are all complied with and that all data is filed on time.

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Dantax offers you:

  • Reporting on time
  • All process descriptions required under Danish/Scandinavian and German regulations on offshore accounting
  • Automatic import of data from your Danish/other Scandinavian system into our accounting system
  • Import of data from your banking account and straight into our system
  • Import of data from / into automated payments services


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