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”Energiewende” stands for green energy in German. The German government supports sustainability by providing, amongst other things, subsidies for new technologies and is in the process of modernising the law on renewable energy (Renewable Energy Act, EEG). Take advantage of DANTAX’s experience with Danish and Scandinavian business initiatives throughout Germany.


Does your company want to establish itself in Germany and are your employees to receive a company car? Make use of our advisory services. We know the rules and will assist your company with VAT and other taxes in Germany.
Avoid the pitfalls when buying, renting or leasing – ask our payroll accounting professionals.  


Digital trade and E-commerce are booming, but there is no way around  paying the correct VAT and taxes, if you want to do business with more than 80 million consumers in Germany.

Take advantage of our experience as an active adviser to the Danish and Scandinavian business community in Germany.



It is one thing to provide companies with tax advice in their home country. To provide cross-border advice involving more languages, more cultures and different sets of laws and rules is something completely different. This requires extensive expertise on the part of our employees and a distinct corporate culture.

To his end, we are committed to finding a solution for any task that is
understandable, solution-oriented and in mutual respect.


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